OVERVIEW:  Fashion company relocating to downtown Brooklyn is seeking a
high-quality candidate to help greet models and others and to assist our
consultant in advising them on issues relating to fashion, image, beauty, style and charm.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS:  Outstanding personality, appearance and communication
skills.  Must exude confidence.  Think devil wears prada.  Not necessarily seeking someone who has studied or worked in fashion design or merchandising since that’s
not what we do.  We’re all about image. However, a background in beauty, health,
fitness, acting, retail or hospitality fields would certainly be

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Excellent English diction and grammar skills are necessary.
Fluency in a second language would be great.

SALARY AND OTHER: Competitive package of salary, benefits and performance
bonus. Excellent advancement potential.

Submit your resume to [email protected]  Also include brief note stating why you are the perfect candidate.
Don’t forget your day and evening phone numbers.

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